Alex Westphal Health Coach

Alex Westphal
Health Coach

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When Alex told me he was getting certified to be a health coach I shouldn’t have been surprised. He’s always been passionate about living a healthier lifestyle. That, combined with his long experience as a chef, and his humanistic demeanor and worldview, make Alex uniquely qualified.

Alex acts as a guide to a healthier life that is custom tailored his clients’ body and lifestyle. He works with his clients to turn healthy habits into behaviors that last. I got to learn more about his process and see just how effective it is and speaking from experience, this stuff works.

In order to make real change, you have to go to a place of vulnerability. Trust has to be established in order for the coaching to work, so we wanted to steer away from anything that looks like a sale. We also knew it had to be simple and not have an encyclopedia of health content. Even though Alex just moved back a few years ago, he’s always had that mellow California vibe. We wanted something that was simple,inviting,well crafted, and straight forward.