Cooper Skateboards


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At the time we started building Cooper Skateboards, it felt like a necessity. Skateboarding culture was dominated by big brand marketing and was ignoring the art, style, and forms that really represented the industry. Cooper was a way for us to win back the minds of the young generation of skateboarders, and to put the focus on the most important part: having fun.

Over its lifespan, Cooper sponsored 13 team riders, put out 10 board graphics, sold products in 23 shops in the Mid-South, participated in multiple contests, raised public awareness through demonstrations and DIY skate park building, and made a 20-minute low-budget video – and had a blast doing all of it.

Cooper Skateboards Ad - Mark Patrick
Cooper Skateboards ad - Jack Carlson

It wasn’t a great day when we officially closed up shop, but to this day, I have people come up and tell me that Cooper made a difference – either in the local skateboarding community, or in their lives specifically. And that always makes things worthwhile. Even more so is when I see former team riders starting their own companies, or rallying for a skate park in their hometown.

We didn’t burn brightest or longest, but we may have sparked a much bigger fire, and I can live with that.