Katie & Alex Wedding

Katie & Alex’s Wedding

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In late fall of 2018 when my brother told me he was getting married and asked if I could design the wedding invitations, he received an enthusiastic “of course!!”. He and his bride-to-be had a pretty good idea of what they wanted, but in the end they said “we want you to do your thing.” They wanted to see their vision through my lens, which is such an honor and a responsibility. Thier trust created the space to for me to play, which we all know is where all the good stuff happens. For that, Katie & Alex, I am forever grateful.⁣


I also designed and built the website for the wedding. We wanted to make it easy for guests to access any information they would need, such as schedule, location, attire, etc. Most importantly, we wanted guests to be able to RSVP online. This created a database of all attending guests and who they were bringing, which became a major asset to the bride and groom. This was a DIY wedding, after all.

Save The Date

Lastly, even though it came before the invitations and the website, I also designed their “Save The Date” card. While the invitations were a product of collaboration, this is just a result of me having fun. Once again, I am extremely grateful that Katie and Alex gave me the space to play.

I had the honor and privilege to attend and be a part of my brother’s wedding and it was truly a magical and beautiful experience. Two chefs getting married on a ranch and vineyard in the hills of Malibu is bound to be gorgeous. On the day of the event, and the days surrounding it, I’ve never felt so much love in one place and time. I believe around 98% of the people that put any time and energy towards this wedding were all volunteers. Many people, families, came together and worked together to make it happen so we could all celebrate the collective love we have for these two amazing humans and their love for each other. ⁣⁣